For the entire summer, you have the option of purchasing your complete 19" package at a discounted price.

To do so, you just have to take these three easy steps:

Step 1 : Download your voucher or remember the promotional code.

Step 2 : Place your order by 9/30/2017, selecting two or more product categories to assemble the complete 19” package that meets your requirements.

Step 3 : Submit your voucher with your order.

You will then receive a 10% discount on the lowest-priced component of the complete package of 19” components.

Take this opportunity to complete your enclosure or subrack by adding the front panels or plug-in units that meet your needs. Order your complete 19” package by 9/30/2017 at the discounted price.


  • The discount can only be granted if two or more product categories of the 19-inch product categories (subracks, cases, front panels, plug-in units, frame-type plug-in units and accessories) are purchased as part of the same order.
  • The discount applies to the product category with the lowest price within the order.
  • Participation is only possible if a voucher/promotional code is provided when placing the request/order.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • This promotion is valid for Pentair direct customers only.
  • This promotion is valid for orders placed by 9/30/2017.
  • The general terms of warranty and sales apply, which you can find here.